Red Bull Girls Give a Man More Than Wings – Become a Red Bull Girl

Promo girls are not only attractive but they are extremely fun to be around. They are so amp’d up on life or maybe it is the red bull they are drinking. What Does Red Bull Taste Like has built their brand around fun and that is what they look for in their promotional teams.

You must be an attractive girl and over the age of 18. You are required to find consumers that need a boost of energy and deliver that can of energy with a smile.

The benefits of being a red bull girl is too many to list. For starters that get paid to have a great time. They go to some really cool events and meet some really interesting people. They bring smiles to peoples face because the consumers know they are about to get some free energy.

You don’t make as much money as a Bacardi girl but you can make around $25 to $30 per hour which is not bad when you compare that to double of a girl sitting at a boring job locked in a cubicle.

Are you willing to jump out of a plane? Don’t worry you won’t have to. You do have to jump out of the cute car or walk on a beach if you live near one and engage the people you see.

The really good part of the job is that you are drinking a product that really gets you through your job while you are having fun working with the other red bull girls.

Beware that not every girl that wants to become a red bull girl will get the job, it is a small world and you need to be ready to compete with thousands of girls that want the easy money and fun job.

To get an edge, make sure you submit photos that will set you apart. Only apply if you are attractive and people like being around you. You promotional resume should also let them know that you have done some type of promoting if not, you need to at least show some type of fun activities that you have been involved in.

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